No Audio or Poor Call Quality
Check that your upload speed is greater than 5MBps using
Check that your codecs are exactly in this order G.711A (ALAW), G729.
Calls don't go through to Vodacom or MTN
Check that your Caller ID is a valid local landline number
Phones not working
1. Check your Account Balance and subscription Balance
2. Check your IP Status
3. Check your internet connectivity by visiting
4. Use to Telnet to port 5060 on
Email not working
1. Check your internet connection by going to Google and doing any search.
2. Reset password on your email address to get the setup email
3. Check that your settings are exactly as specific on the setup email sent you
Fibre not working
1. Check that the sim card is inserted correctly.
2. Check that the status light on your router is green.
3. Try rebooting your Wi-Fi extender.
4. Do a speed test closer to your Wi-Fi extender to check your speed.
LTE Sim Card Not Working
Take it out from the Wi-Fi and put it into a phone. 
Dial 141#
Select option 3
Ignore the error message
Restart the phone
Connect to the internet
It should thereafter.